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Dealing with fatigue, hormone issues and health concerns is not easy:

  • Feeling overwhelmed and unsure
  • Seems like nothing is helping and no one is listening
  • Your doctor is prescribing medication after medication
  • Not sure where to start with supplements or which ones even work
  • Not knowing diet and nutrition
  • Drowning in the large amounts of information online, not knowing who to trust
  • Social media influencers, what's working for them is not working for you

You're not alone!

We have to navigate our lives, make time for friends, go to work, take care of the family, have time for ourselves, workout, eat healthy and be our own doctors by scouring the internet looking up all there is to know about our issues on top of that


But there is an easy solution to the mayhem. We are Restore Health CAN educate you and guide you to the things that will actually RESTORE your health and vitality!

How We Can Help

Chiropractic Care

This holistic approach addresses imbalances in the body to improve physical function, mobility, minimize pain and so much more.

Functional Medicine

This is a holistic approach to restoring and healing hormones, menstrual cycles, and symptoms associated with hormone imbalances.

Bio Feedback Testing

This approach uses biofeedback to analyze the body and organs for dysfunction.

Mission Statement

Restore Health is a holistic wellness center that offers alternative, whole-body healthcare. We focus on natural, drug free ways of attaining optimal health through our chiropractic services, functional medicine, and nutrition response testing. Our doctors spend quality one on one time with each patient to truly get to know the patient like family. Health is something our office strives for and we know we can help you move closer to your goals of becoming a happier and healthier version of yourself!

Our mission at Restore Health is to provide comprehensive holistic healthcare to women and families in our community. We aspire to help women improve their health safely, naturally and their family’s health without the use of drugs or surgeries.

We Have the Best patients

Restore Health Functional Nutrition and Chiropractic is my one stop shop to tune up and straighten out! Dr. Allison has been able to answer all of my questions every visit, she helped me by alleviating my neck and lower back pain and getting rid of my coughing and congestion that antibiotics didn’t fix. She encourages me to eat cleaner and get moving more. She’s kind and pleasant, warm and incredibly passionate and knowledgeable about her profession. I give her far more than five stars!

— Crystal

I am so grateful for Restore Health and Chiropractic Center. Following the birth of my daughter, I was experiencing terrible back pain and muscle spasms in my neck and shoulders. Dr. Alli knew exactly what to do to address the issue, and within a few weeks time I was back to feeling myself again and the pain was gone! She’s so knowledgeable; an incredible resource for wellness and an advocate for doing what’s right for your body (because no two are the same!).

— Jessica

Dr. Allison is a rockstar. She needs 10 stars!

Dr. Allison was so different from the other chiros I’ve seen! She created a treatment plan unique to me. Looked past just what I was saying hurt to find what the root cause was and addressed everything in my adjustment. She’s incredibly thoughtful and intentional about each one of her patient’s treatments. After about 4 sessions, I could already feel an enormous difference with my back. I was amazed!

— Caitlin

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